Looking for a new gig? Jumpstart your career with NAS.

We offer a variety of career paths and mobility, great benefits and a fun, supportive work environment.

We are creative and helpful professionals and our culture is fast-paced and innovative. At NAS you’ll find vibrant, entrepreneurial thinkers with new ideas and fresh perspectives. We work hard, and we play hard too.

A few of our perks:

  • Fun, creative atmosphere
  • Casual dress attire
  • Work-life balance
  • Free snacks
  • Generous amount of paid time off
  • Employer paid benefits
  • 401(k) + employer match

If you’re open to exploring opportunities in the world of specialty insurance, or if you’re a veteran underwriter, claims examiner or other type of commercial insurance pro, come see how we do things at NAS and make a bold move to bolster your career.

see what our staff has to say about nas

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“You know if you’re seeing people for 8 hours every day and you want to see them after work too, they must be really great people”

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“At NAS I’ve grown professionally and personally. Being part of NAS’ growth makes me feel excited!”