A unique benefit of NAS’ integrated services, our in-house claims experts are as smart as they are considerate. Having worked alongside our underwriting teams in developing the policies, our claims personnel have direct insight into coverage concerns and how to respond most effectively to the crisis at-hand.

From the moment a claim is reported, our claims examiners assess coverage and coordinate with the policyholder to engage appropriate support, including legal counsel, as needed. Whether it’s a cyber breach or an employment practices issue, our expert examiners are dedicated to coach you through the process and achieve a swift resolution.

Our expertise is backed up by:

• 2,400 annual cyber claims
• 20+ in-house expert claims team members
• 50+ expert IT, Legal, PR partners
• 24/7 breach hotline

To report a claim during business hours (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time):
please call 818.382.6117 or email us at claims@nasinsurance.com.

NOTE: If you need to a report a suspected cyber incident after business hours, you can reach our Cyber Incident Hotline at 877.316.1627

The claims team

Natalie Kelly

Natalie Kelly

Senior Vice President, Claims


818.382.2030 x 497

Kari Stern

Kari Stern

Senior Claims Manager



Tamara Ashjian

Tamara Ashjian

Claims Manager