NAS Cyber Digest Reveals Uptick in Ransomware


NAS has deep roots in cyber insurance, allowing us to quickly identify changing trends, as well as new and growing risks to businesses. Each year our cyber claims department handles over 2000 claims, gathering important data to help us better prepare for the cyber threats our clients will face in the future.


Our 2016 Cyber Digest analyzes these changing trends for both the small and medium sized businesses across a myriad of industries. Our findings this year prove that the uptick in cyber attacks show no signs of slowing down.


The Hard Facts: 

Of the 900 claims filed, ransomware events doubled for those in healthcare, and quadrupled for businesses in other sectors.


Additionally, cyber related financial fraud claims increased 8x between 2015 and 2016.


To read more of our findings, click here.

June, 2017