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Miscellaneous Specialty

As a specialty underwriting manager for over 35 years, we have been working with Lloyd's, London and other highly-rated carriers to create unique insurance products for businesses in every industry.

Founded in 1975, NAS Insurance Services was the first to conceive of insuring businesses for legal expenses related to numerous perils they experience — a type of coverage not provided by typical liability insurance at the time. NAS pioneered Employment Practices Liability in the early 1980's, first on a legal expense reimbursement basis and later as a full liability product.  Today, NAS offers a full spectrum of specialty products on wholesale, program and reinsurance bases.

Michael Palotay
Chief Underwriting Officer
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Vice President
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Senior Underwriter
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Tenant Discrimination Insurance

NAS’s coverage provides the insured and its directors, officers, trustees, partners, shareholders, and other employees with defense expense and loss reimbursement from administrative charges and lawsuits brought by current, prospective and former tenants alleging discrimination.  Exposures: ADA and Fair Employment and Housing Act   Key Features: Schedule of properties not required Coverage extends to retail, office and industrial properties Coverage available nationwide One year extended reporting period available Additional locations can be added midterm   MORE

Sexual Misconduct and Molestation Liability

As companies and organizations are being required to carry limits of sexual misconduct and molestation insurance, insurers specifically exclude these exposures. Sexual Misconduct and Molestation Insurance is an expansion of NAS’ abuse and molestation facility, designed to assist these entities in fulfilling their insurance needs.  This standalone product gives the named insured entity, its employees, including volunteers, part time, seasonal and temporary employees, protection against allegations of sexual misconduct and molestation.   MORE

Miscellaneous E&O For Property Managers

This Program is for Property Managers and Real Estate Lessors who provide services for a fee to clients/third parties. We offer three insurance products in one policy: Misc. E&O: Coverage for third party claims arising out of a Wrongful Act in the performance or failure to perform Property Management or Leasing Services. NetGuard® Plus: Cyber Liability coverage for first and third party claims as a result of a network security or privacy breach. Tenant Discrimination: Legal expense and loss reimbursement coverage for administrative proceedings and lawsuits from current/prospective/former tenants...   MORE

Technology E&O - TechGuard®

In today’s increasingly digitized world, technology companies need an innovative insurance product that provides the broadest coverage for their complex and constantly evolving exposures.  NAS’ TechGuard® product is our most expansive tech policy to date and is designed to be the one stop shop for a tech company’s E&O insurance needs.  Furthermore, our program is backed by Lloyd’s of London — an A rated (excellent) company by AM Best — so you won’t have to worry about the protection being there...   MORE

Abuse/Molestation Insurance

With the recent stream of allegations of abuse, general liability policies are starting to specifically exclude this coverage at a time when companies may need it most.  NAS’ abuse or molestation product offers coverage for the actual or threatened abuse or molestation of clientele while in their care, custody or control. The coverage features simplified underwriting for qualifying applicants as well as a streamlined application process that simplifies quoting and binding. The applicant who meets the program qualifications can choose options from the rate card and request to bind.   MORE

Miscellaneous E&O For Tutors

This program is for Tutoring Companies who provide services for a fee to clients/third parties.  We offer three insurance products in one policy: Misc. E&O: Coverage for third party claims arising out of a Wrongful Act in the performance of or failure to perform tutoring services.  NetGuard® Plus: Cyber Liability coverage for first and third party claims as a result of a network security or privacy breach. Abuse/Molestation: Legal expense and loss reimbursement coverage for allegations and suits alleging abuse or molestation from clients.   MORE

Long Term Care Facility PL/GL

Long term residential care facilities need an innovative product that will provide the broadest coverage for their exposures. These facilities are in more demand than ever as the 'Baby Boomer' generation enters retirement at a record pace. NAS' unique long term care coverage addresses the evolving risk surrounding these facilities with enhanced coverage. Long term care facilities need a robust and cost efficient insurance policy that addresses their evolving risk. While other carriers are limiting coverage for sexual abuse, elopement and bedsores, NAS provides all of these coverages up to the limit. MEDEFENSE®...   MORE

Miscellaneous E&O

Miscellaneous E&O insurance provides coverage for damages and defense costs arising from a wrongful act in the performance of or failure to perform insured services (professional duties).   Anyone can make a mistake, fail to complete a transaction, miss a deadline, or simply make a bookkeeping error. For this reason, even the most conscientious professionals and companies become defendants in expensive and protracted legal battles. As a professional in the service industry, you have E&O exposure and need to protect your assets.   MORE

Miscellaneous E&O For Medical Billers

This Program is for Medical Billers & Coders who provide services for a fee to clients/third parties.  This Program provides Medical Billers & Coders three insurance products in one policy: Misc. E&O- Coverage for third party claims arising out of a Wrongful Act in the performance of or failure to perform Medical Billing & Coding Services. NetGuard® Plus- Cyber Liability coverage for first and third party claims as a result of a network security or privacy breach. MEDEFENSE® Plus- Coverage for defense costs, audit expenses, and civil fines and...   MORE

Non-Standard Physicians

NAS offers unique programs for select classes of business enhanced to include more than just standard E&O coverage. We use a simplified application/ binding process. Each program includes the NetGuard® Plus Cyber Liability Enhancement for no additional premium.   MORE

Cyber Liability - NetGuard® Plus

NetGuard® Plus provides protection for a broad range of network, privacy, and multimedia-related exposures. Intentional data theft by criminal hackers or accidental data exposure from a lost laptop or smart phone are common occurences in businesses of all sizes. Losses are increasing as a result of public awareness of identity theft and there has been a marked increase of class action lawsuits. NetGuard® Plus is state-of-the-art coverage for this ever-growing risk. We’ve enhanced our cyber policy to meet the demands of today’s small...   MORE

Miscellaneous E&O for Healthcare Consultants

Whether you’re a physician providing consultative services, a company providing healthcare consulting services, or a Medical Director seeking protection for administrative duties, we have enhanced our E&O program with more robust coverages for a growing list of exposures. Coverage can extend to consulting companies. NAS can cover most medical-related services for risks that fall outside a medical malpractice policy due to no direct patient contact.   MORE

Social Services Professional and General Liability

Beyond traditional medical malpractice insurance, NAS offers expanded PL/GL coverage to meet the growing needs of personal, family and community services organizations.    MORE

Allied Medical (Misc. Malpractice)

NAS’ Allied Medical Malpractice insurance offers some of the broadest coverage in the market.  Limits for Professional and General Liability are available up to $6,000,000. Unique features of the facility include our e-MD® and MEDEFENSE® Plus endorsements. e-MD® provides cyber liability coverage for patient notification and  credit monitoring costs, network security and privacy, data recovery costs and media liability. MEDEFENSE® Plus provides insureds with essential defense cost and fines and penalties coverage for allegations of over-billing or HIPAA, EMTALA, and STARK violations. Sexual Misconduct coverage is also availabe by...   MORE