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Cyber Liability Solutions

Our Strength is Your Advantage.  

We’ve enhanced our cyber policy to meet the demands of today’s small to midsize businesses (SMBs). 

Our new cyber enhancements include:

  • Unknown prior acts for covered cyber incidents that took place at any time prior to the inception date of the policy
  • Business interruption expenses incurred as a result of outages caused by an insured’s cloud provider or web host
  • Cyber-Crime coverage for incidents such as fraudulent wire transfer requests is now included on every quote
  • PCI DSS fines, penalties and assessments are covered up to the policy limit
  • BrandGuard® coverage for reputational harm is included up to the policy limit on most quotes

We are all working together with one focus – getting you back in business quickly.

For an application or information about our NAS NetGuard® Plus Cyber Liability Insurance Solutions, contact one of our underwriters today and enjoy the benefits and strength of our experience.

Michael Palotay
Chief Underwriting Officer
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Mike Karbassi
Vice President - Northeast Regional Underwriting Manager
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Ari Giller
AVP, Mid-West Regional Cyber Manager
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Jordan Rankell
AVP, West Coast Regional Manager
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Tina Porcelli Levine
Senior Underwriter - Southeast Region
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Cyber Net Support

As an NAS cyber liability insurance policyholder, you also have the support of our network of cyber experts to help you avoid an incident including:

- 24/7 CyberNet Expert Phone Support

- Cyber Risk Webinars

- Data Security Email Updates

- Online Training and Support

NAS provides state-of-the-art information and the insurance to help you mitigate the risks and potential losses of a cyber breach.

How Many Records?

A new feature of our cyber liability coverage is the option to choose the number of identities the insured wishes to cover. By specifying the number of records, your clients can have peace of mind that they will not exceed their sublimit of notification costs. 

This is just one more way NAS offers you and your client flexibility in cyber coverage options.

Claims Handling Expertise

From the moment you suspect a breach, our claims representatives are here to answer the call and initiate support. Our cyber "Breach Coaches" are experienced attorneys and will be your guide through the entire claim, coordinating all efforts.

We also have an extensive network of professionals in legal, IT, PR, customer notification, and credit monitoring to help you and your insureds respond to the breach quickly and thoroughly. 


With NAS Cyber, you also get BrandGuard® reputation protection.

Where other coverages only address the legal fees, customer notification costs, and IT-related expenses, BrandGuard addresses the longer term costs of the cyber breach. Should a policyholder suffer a loss in income as a result of adverse media from the cyber breach, BrandGuard® helps maintain profitability while we work together to get the brand back on track.

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