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e-MD® Cyber Liability For Healthcare

Minimum Premium

e-MD®, the cyber liability insurance solution for healthcare providers, offers a comprehensive suite of data security and privacy insurance solutions that are custom-tailored for the unique needs of healthcare businesses.

Our core cyber liability coverage components include:

  • Security & Privacy Liability – Coverage of 3rd party claims for damages due to exposure of online and offline information, virus attacks, denial of service and failure to prevent transmission of malicious code.  Also extends coverage for defense costs and fines/penalties for violations of privacy regulations including, but not limited to HIPAA, Red Flag Rules and the new Hi-Tech Act.
  • Privacy Breach Responses Costs, Notification Expenses, Breach Support and Credit Monitoring Expenses – Includes all reasonable legal, public relations, advertising, IT forensic, call center, credit monitoring and postage expenses incurred by the insured for a privacy breach response.
  • Network Asset Protection – Coverage for all reasonable and necessary sums required to recover and/or replace data that is compromised, damaged, lost, erased or corrupted.  Coverage also includes business interruption and extra expense coverage for income loss as a result of the total or partial interruption of the insured’s computer system. 
  • BrandGuard® – Provides coverage for a loss in profits as a result of negative press or customer notification resulting from a data breach. 
  • Multimedia Liability - Coverage for both online and offline media, including claims alleging copyright/trademark infringement, libel/slander and personal injury.
  • Cyber Extortion – Will pay extortion expenses and extortion monies as a direct result of a credible cyber extortion threat.
  • Cyber Terrorism – Coverage for income loss and interruption expenses as a result of the total or partial interruption of the insured’s computer system due to a cyber terrorism attack.
  • Privacy Regulatory Defense and Penalties - Coverage for defense costs and fines/penalties for violations of privacy regulations including, but not limited to, HIPAA, Red Flags Rule and the Hi-Tech Act.
  • Cyber Crime – Broad Cyber Crime coverage that includes coverage for Financial Fraud, Telecommunications Fraud, and Phishing Attack and fraudulent wire transfer requests
  • Dependent Business Interruption (DBI) - Coverage offers reimbursement for lost revenue incurred as a result of a third party vendor’s system being down. 

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Vice President
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AVP, Specialty Underwriting
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Limits Available:       
Up to $10,000,000 each claim/$10,000,000 aggregate

Minumum Premium: $990

Minimum Deductible: $2,500


  • Worldwide coverage - Claims can be brought outside of the U.S.
  • Full limits available for Regulatory Defense of privacy claims (not sub-limited)
  • Property Damage exclusion does not include electronic data
  • Final adjudication language for defense of allegations of fraud or intentional wrongdoing
  • Acts committed by rogue employees are covered
  • Can be combined with MEDEFENSE® Plus coverage
  • Defense costs for government investigations into HIPAA violations
  • Breach response costs are available outside of the limit                        


Classes include any healthcare entity, such as the following:

  • Physician Groups
  • Allied health facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Long term care facilities
  • Mental health facilities
  • Solo physicians
  • Home healthcare agencies
  • Ambulance service companies
  • Durable medical providers


Eligible States:

Available in all States



e-MD® Cyber Liability is also available as a Reinsurance program on a stand-alone basis, or combined with our MEDEFENSE Plus product for healthcare professionals.

This means you can combine e-MD® coverage with your broader MPL product for physicians, hospitals, or other medical facility.

For more information about our cyber reinsurance options, please contact Desiree Khoury, Reinsurance Manager.



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