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Long Term Care Facility PL/GL

Long term residential care facilities need an innovative product that will provide the broadest coverage for their exposures. These facilities are in more demand than ever as the 'Baby Boomer' generation enters retirement at a record pace.

NAS' unique long term care coverage addresses the evolving risk surrounding these facilities with enhanced coverage.

Long term care facilities need a robust and cost efficient insurance policy that addresses their evolving risk.

While other carriers are limiting coverage for sexual abuse, elopement and bedsores, NAS provides all of these coverages up to the limit.

MEDEFENSE® Plus and e-MD® coverage are available by endorsement to provide coverage to address the growing regulatory and patient data risks facing long-term care providers.

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Vice President
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Product Highlights

Limits up to:

$1,000,000 each claim / $3,000,000 aggregate


Minimum Premium: 

$1,000 (online - for facilities up to 6 bed)

$2,500 (offline)

Minimum Deductible: $1,000


Special Features:

  • Occurrence based general liability coverage is available
  • $2 Million sexual abuse limits available when required by contract
  • Defense costs outside the limit is available, up to the limit
  • Evacuation expense up to $50,000
  • First dollar defense coverage
  • Up to $100,000 sub-limit for MEDEFENSE® Plus (includes HIPAA violations)
  • Up to $1,000,000 limit for e-MD® cyber liability (includes breach response costs)
  • No bedsore nor elopement limitations
  • $1,000,000/$1,000,000 limits of hired and non-owned auto coverage available
  • Employee benefits liability coverage available by endorsement

Classes Covered

Eligible classes include:

  • Independent living facilities
  • Personal care homes
  • Residential care/assisted living facilities
  • Alzheimer’s/dementia care
  • Intermediate care facilities
  • Congregate care facilities
  • Skilled nursing facilities

Unique Risks

There are over 6,000 long-term care facilities in California alone. Many of these care centers are licensed to operate up to 6 beds, yet they do not carry anything more than a standard general liability or homeowner’s policy.

Make sure your clients are protected if their residents suffer from a trip or fall, if they wander off the facility and get hurt, or if medications are improperly managed.

NAS has identified the need by offering a special program for LTC facilities under 6 beds.  Coverage includes Professional & General Liability, full limit sexual abuse and defense outside the limit.  Premiums begin at $1,100 creating an affordable policy for small adult care homes under 6 beds. 

Facilities with 6 Beds or Less

We've created a special program for small facilities with up to 6 beds!

You can now go online to quote and issue policies starting at $1,000 for PL/GL coverage for your Long Term Facilities/Assisted Living Homes.

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