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Personal CyberPlus (Reinsurance Basis)

As our lives get more connected, we need to be better protected.

Cyber criminals are becoming more aggressive and their attacks are more sophisticated. From email scams, to cyber bullying, to medical identity theft and tax fraud, cyber threats to consumers are growing in size and complexity. Now your personal lines policies can be enhanced to keep
pace with these cyber risks.


Introducing Personal CyberPlus from NAS

Personal CyberPlus is designed as an add-on product to augment insurance companies' personal lines policies with robust cyber protection and unmatched claims expertise.

Matt Sherman
SVP, Reinsurance and Programs
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Desiree Khoury
VP, Specialty Reinsurance
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Personal CyberPlus

NAS’ Personal CyberPlus protects policyholders and their family members in the following ways:

  • Identity Theft Expenses
  • Credit Card Fraud, Forgery, Wire Transfer Fraud
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Breach Notification Costs
  • Cyber Protection Legal Expense Reimbursement

Cyber Claims Expertise

Our expert claims personnel have handled thousands of cyber claims. We provide a dedicated claims specialist, who pays careful consideration to the needs of each insured, with the common goal of reaching a successful resolution.

Cyber Bullying


A private high school junior is harassed by a group of her peers when they post unflattering photos of her on their social media accounts and tweet numerous jokes at her expense. The student and her parents made several attempts to have the photos and tweets removed from the internet, but they had been shared and reposted by other students too many times. The student was forced to leave school due to the intimidation and emotional distress resulting from the cyber bullying.

Personal CyberPlus would reimburse the family’s cost to seek counseling and any tuition that is not reimbursed by the school. 

Risk Scenario - Ransomware

Cyber Extortion

One evening, a man downloaded an app to watch a movie on his iPad. Half-way through the movie, the iPad froze and a screen appeared demanding that a ransom be paid in order to restore functionality.

Personal CyberPlus would cover the ransom paid and costs associated with removing the ransomware. 



Personal CyberPlus