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Tenant Discrimination Insurance

Minimum Premium

NAS’s coverage provides the insured and its directors, officers, trustees, partners, shareholders, and other employees with defense expense and loss reimbursement from administrative charges and lawsuits brought by current, prospective and former tenants alleging discrimination. 

Exposures: ADA and Fair Employment and Housing Act


Key Features:

  • Schedule of properties not required
  • Coverage extends to retail, office and industrial properties
  • Coverage available nationwide
  • One year extended reporting period available
  • Additional locations can be added midterm

Brian Alva
Vice President
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Vanessa Poma
Senior Underwriter
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Product Highlights

  • Full prior acts coverage for most risks
  • No co-insurance
  • Insured has free choice of counsel
  • No charge to add locations mid-term
  • Can be combined with E&O for select classes
  • Property owners can add coverage for property managers
  • Property managers can add coverage for property owners
  • Coverage for charges instituted by HUD, including charges alleging ADA violations
  • Protects against claims brought by current, former and prospective tenants
  • Coverage for legal expenses and loss including settlements

Limits and Premium

Limits Available:
$100,000 to $1,000,000

Minimum Premium: $1,000

Minimum SIR: $5,000

Can be combied with E&O for select classes


  • Residential property  managers and/or owners (apartments and other residential properties)
  • Commercial property managers and/or owners (retail, office and industrial spaces)

Ineligible Classes:

Mobile homes, religious facilities, banks, government agencies, hotels, motels, and community or associations

Unique Risk

Anyone involved in a housing transaction can be held responsible for preserving fair housing laws, including Property Owners and On-Site Managers.

Federal law prohibits discrimination based on: Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Age, Family Status, Handicap, Sex.



Tenant Discrimination Highlight Sheet




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