Turning Cyber Awareness into Cyber Preparedness


It’s officially Cyber Security Awareness month, and while I’m not sure who is still out of the loop on all the cyber security threats lately (maybe that guy over there in the phone booth!), we thought it’d be the right time to remind folks that to be Cyber Strong means to be Cyber Ready!


Quick poll…do you think your organization is cyber ready? Do you have an incident response plan? (E.g., who does what when you find out all of your office desktop PCs are locked up with ransomware?)


Given recent hurricanes and earthquakes, the idea of preparedness in the event of a disaster makes good sense. Similarly, preparedness in the event of a cyber disaster should be on your to-do list this month too!


A few things for your checklist:

• Draft or revise a cyber incident response plan, including specifics of your response team (and when they’re out of office, too)
• Contact a vendor for a network security assessment (or update)
• Teach your team about email phishing scams and ransomware
• Write out your policy for how your organization handles wire transfers of funds to reduce the risk of fraudulent requests
• Convene a meeting of your cyber response team to run scenarios or review roles and responsibilities


As the leaves turn from summer green to the beautiful hues of Autumn, let’s turn Cyber Security Awareness Month into Cyber Security Preparedness Month.


Cyber Ready. Cyber Smart. Cyber Strong.

October, 2017