Protecting Property Owners and Managers

According to the Fair Housing Alliance 2018 Annual Report, 87.4% of housing discrimination acts reported occurred during rental transactions. Even if a claim is frivolous or groundless, property owners and managers must defend themselves against the claim.
NAS’ Tenant Discrimination policy provides comprehensive legal expense and loss reimbursement coverage to protect the insured against claims brought by current, former and prospective tenants (including guests). Our form includes:

• Fair Housing Training
• Court Attendance Costs
• Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Fines and Penalties

Housing discrimination can occur against anyone and in any area of housing which is why protecting your client’s properties against a discrimination claim is so important. For more information on NAS Tenant Discrimination, contact Nicholas Rotondo, AVP-Specialty Underwriting, at
Type of Risk: Property Owner/Manager in California
This Insured has a portfolio of over 1,500 residential units and 2,000,000 commercial square feet. NAS worked closely with the broker to ensure all units/properties were considered and were able to put together a $1M limit for under $20,000 in premium.
Type of Risk: Property Owner
This Insured owns a single apartment complex with 48 units, is claims free, has written anti-discrimination procedures and is ADA compliant. This qualified them for our small risk program packet which provides lower rates for preferred risks under 150 units. The program packet is a slot rating system with bindable options based on unit count and includes all standard Tenant Discrimination coverages. We were able to provide the Insured $500k limits for $950 in premium.
A married couple with one infant son filed a complaint with a local Fair Housing Council (FHC) alleging familial status discrimination against a property manager after their rental application for a two-bedroom apartment was denied. The couple alleged that the property manager refused to rent to them after learning that the couple had a child. The FHC investigated the claim through testing; the council sent “testers” – investigators posing as married couples without children – to the location at various times over the course of one month.
The FHC testing supported the claim, and the FHC filed a lawsuit against the property manager on behalf of the couple alleging familial status discrimination. The property manager incurred $160,515 in legal expenses. 
Nick grew up in Georgia and graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Georgia. He has been in the insurance industry since 2012 focused on underwriting Architects & Engineers, Miscellaneous Professional Liability and Tenant Discrimination. In the fall of 2017, Nick joined the NAS Atlanta office with the opportunity to establish and lead the A&E product. He now has added to his product list and is the AVP, National Product Manager for A&E, MPL and Tenant Discrimination.
Questions about any of the products that Nick manages? He can be reached at
Tenant Discrimination is available on NAS Online. Log on today and start quoting today!

March, 2019

Introducing Management Liability for Small Business

NAS is now accepting submissions for Employment Practices Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, and Fiduciary Liability as part of our newly developed Management Liability product.  
Management Liability is the 3-in1 solution for businesses with up to 50 employees. In addition to our leading-edge coverage, your clients will have access to NAS eManager, a risk management service that provides unlimited expert phone support and online resources such as customized employee handbooks, training modules, and state specific employment regulations. NAS-eManager is available to both EPLI and D&O policyholders.
For more information on Management Liability, click here.
Type of Risk: Engineering Firm in NJ
This account was non-renewed by their previous carrier due to claims activity as there was a severe loss with payments over 150k.  NAS was able to underwrite the account and the claims information and provide a competitive quote to help the broker retain the account.
Type of Risk: Life Science Start-Up
As this insured had a lapse in D&O coverage, the incumbent didn’t want to entertain the risk due to financial condition. However, NAS was able to review the funding plans and the interim financials and provide a quote.   Terms were quoted around $7,500 for a 1MM Limit.
Type of Risk: Retailer in Southern California
This retailer had a change in control and the incumbent carrier would not waive the takeover provision on the EPL policy.  NAS was able to offer terms with full prior acts coverage and an updated prior and pending litigation date since the acquisition was made by a long time employee of the company.   Broker was successful in retaining the risk.
A multi-count suit was filed against a farming and harvesting operation (Insured) by a former employee. The former employee alleged that he was the victim of sexual harassment, sexual assault, retaliation, and assault and battery by his direct supervisor over a period of eight months. He asserts that in addition to demanding that his supervisor cease such actions, he also logged several complaints to management. He claims that no action was taken to stop the harassment or intimidation. Fearful and intimidated, the former employee felt he had no option but to leave his position with the company. The employee was awarded a judgment on all counts of $350,000. The Insured also had to pay an additional $176,422 in legal fees.
Directors and officers received a notice from a competitor company, alleging misappropriation of trade secrets and violation of employees non-compete.  This was due to the Insured hiring a sales executive from the competitor. Total costs incurred were over $250K.
Meet Michael Kinsley! Michael has over 10 years of experience underwriting Management Liability Insurance products. Mike joined NAS in January 2018, moving from the East Coast to sunny California. We are excited to have him on board as AVP, National Product Manager for Management Liability.  
While high-profile scandals make headlines, it’s important to remember that all organizations have EPLI risk. Could a business with under 50 employees survive an EPLI claim? 
Michael Kinsley, AVP-Management Liability, will be leading the discussion on this robust policy and go over our risk management online support system that could help business avoid costly claims.
Click here to register for the webinar today.
Employment Practices Liability is available on NAS Online. For a broad coverage form with limits up to $1,000,000, log onto NAS Online and start quoting today!

February, 2019

MEDEFENSE® Plus: Essential Coverage for Healthcare Providers

MEDEFENSE® Plus is NAS’ unique insurance solution for healthcare providers. Providing coverage for actual or alleged billing errors, MEDEFENSE® Plus provides broad policy language and free choice of counsel and reimburses defense costs, fines and penalties, and shadow audit expenses incurred in proceedings brought by federal or state government agencies, qui tam plaintiffs, and contractors working on behalf of the government, such as ZPIC and RAC.
Eligible classes include medical groups and healthcare facilities that provide direct patient care services and bill to Medicare, Medicaid, or other public and private payors. 
Risk: Oral Surgeon
Product: MEDEFENSE® Plus
Premium: $1,200
New business account that fit in the our Medical Group Program Packet rate. No claims or loss history, 1 dentist, and necessary protocols in place which made them a fit for the program.
Risk: Nursing Home and Rehabilitation
Product:  MEDEFENSE® Plus with e-MD®
Premium: $10,331
New business account written on NAS Online. To fit online, this risk must have less than $50M in revenue. This account was claims free and fit under the revenue criteria.
The Insured is an owner of urgent care facilities with locations in many states. Two qui tam actions were filed against the Insured alleging fraudulent billing for unnecessary allergy and flu testing. 
The qui tam action alleged that the Insured inflated its billings for urgent care medical services (known as “up-coding”). The Insured was reimbursed over $1 million in legal fees under the insurance.
Kareen is a Southern California native who graduated with a Sociology degree from UC Santa Barbara and joined NAS in 2011 as an underwriting assistant. Currently, Kareen is an Assistant Vice President in the Specialty Underwriting Department and the National Product Leader for MEDEFENSE® Plus and e-MD®.
When Kareen isn’t traveling or hunting for ice cream, she’ll be enjoying her signature Jameson on the rocks at her favorite pool hall.
Did you notice one of our recently written accounts was placed through NAS Online? 

January, 2019

NAS Insurance Announces Expansion of Senior Management Team


NAS Insurance today announced the expansion of its senior management team with several new appointments. Daniel Mogelnicki assumes national leadership for the Specialty Product Underwriting group. Jeff Jacobs will be responsible for leadership of all Underwriting Operations for the firm. Marcus D’Anna has been named Chief Financial Officer.


“It is an exciting time in the evolution of NAS,” said Rich Robin, Chief Executive Officer at NAS Insurance. “And I’m thrilled with the talented professionals we’ve been able to attract to the company. I look forward to our continued growth and innovation across our Cyber, Specialty and Reinsurance businesses.”


In his new role, Mogelnicki will oversee the product development, distribution and underwriting of NAS’ specialty lines, including Misc. E&O, MEDEFENSE® Plus, and industry-leading Allied Health solutions. “I’ve been a long-time fan of NAS’ innovative products,” remarks Mogelnicki. “The team is terrific and opportunities abound. I’m looking forward to helping NAS continue to grow.” Dan is based out of NAS’ New York office.


Having helped establish NAS’ regional operations in Chicago, New York and Atlanta, Jeff Jacobs will take on expanded responsibilities for the firm. “I am excited to help build the teams and competencies that fuel our growth,” remarked Jacobs. “We strive to innovate at every level of the company and making it easy for everyone to do business with us is my priority.” Jacobs operates out of NAS’ Chicago office.


D’Anna’s appointment as CFO comes after five years of service as a leader in the NAS accounting team. “It’s a great honor to be part of the leadership of this business,” states D’Anna, “Our people and our entrepreneurial spirit are energizing, and I am eager to help advance our bold ambitions.” D’Anna is located in NAS’ Los Angeles Headquarters.


NAS Insurance Services, LLC is a full-service specialty insurance underwriting manager that provides innovative product development, underwriting, marketing, risk management, and claims handling services for a broad range of specialty products that are distributed as both insurance and reinsurance solutions.


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November, 2018

NAS Launches Momentum™, A Breakthrough Insurance For Online Sellers


NAS Insurance Services, the leader in cyber liability insurance, has announced the launch of Momentum™, its newest insurance product for online sellers.  Momentum™ is a breakthrough business interruption insurance for people who sell products on Amazon and other online marketplaces. If a seller’s account is suspended by an online vendor, Momentum provides the protection they need to cover their financial losses and help them get back to business.


“There are over 1 million sellers on Amazon in the United States, and all of them are at risk of having their account suspended, interrupting their ability to sell and generate income,” said Michael Palotay, Chief Underwriting Officer at NAS. “In the same way a retail store would carry insurance coverage for a flood or fire, we saw a need for online sellers to have a solution they could turn to when their business was suspended.”


Amazon has become ubiquitous in American culture, driving the number of sellers on the platform to grow exponentially. Today, thousands of businesses rely on Amazon as their main source of income. But as Amazon’s seller base has expanded, so too has its rules and regulations – holding sellers to rigorous standards and frequently suspending sellers’ accounts if they fail to comply.


“While most sellers strive to adhere to Amazon’s policies, there is mounting evidence that even those who are compliant have faced an account suspension for an alleged violation,” said Jeremy Barnett, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at NAS. “With Momentum, these online sellers have an affordable insurance solution that protects them from financial loss, while providing the peace of mind that is essential for any business owner.”


Momentum’s core insurance coverage starts at $250 annually and provides reimbursement for the financial loss sustained during a suspension. In addition, Momentum’s policy provides reimbursement for the cost of a reinstatement specialist to help sellers navigate Amazon’s appeal process and procedures.  The insurance also provides coverage for tax audit expenses, helping sellers cover the costs of a tax specialist in the event of an audit by the U.S Internal Revenue Service.



NAS is a full-service specialty insurance underwriting manager that provides innovative product development, underwriting, marketing, risk management, and claims handling services for a broad range of specialty products that are distributed as both insurance and reinsurance solutions.


February, 2018