e-MD® is a comprehensive cyber liability insurance solution designed exclusively for the needs of healthcare providers.


  • NAS CyberNet® helps businesses become ‘cyber smart’ with unique support and risk management services, including training courses, compliance materials, risk management guidelines, and more
  • BrandGuard® provides coverage for lost revenue resulting from a security breach or privacy breach
  • Privacy Regulatory Defense coverage for government investigations into HIPAA violations.
  • Breach Response Costs Outside the limit is also available.
  • Coverage can be combined with MEDEFENSE® Plus, a uniquely effective insurance for defense costs and civil fines and penalties incurred in regulatory actions alleging billing errors or HIPAA, EMTALA or STARK violations.

Check out our highlight sheet for the latest specifications and coverage components.

product team

Kareen Boyadjian

Kareen Boyadjian

AVP, Specialty Underwriting



Dan Mogelnicki

Dan Mogelnicki

VP, Specialty Underwriting



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