NAS now offers NetGuard® Farm – modern cyber insurance that can be custom-tailored for your farm portfolio.
Whether you insure large commercial farms, rural ranches, or anything in-between, NAS NetGuard® Farm provides state-of-the-art cyber liability solutions for farms. We recognize that farm risks can have both commercial and personal exposures. And when it comes to emerging risks like the cyber security vulnerabilities of farms and agribusiness, you need a flexible partner that can build a customized solution.
That’s why NAS now offers NetGuard® Farm – modern cyber insurance that can be custom-tailored for your farm portfolio.

In addition, NetGuard® Farm offers robust risk management services to educate farm owners about cyber risks and help mitigate future cyber attacks. Insureds will have access to:

  • Expert phone support
  • Online tutorials and cyber safety guides
  • Risk assessments and security fitness checklists