As our lives get more connected, we need to be better protected.

Personal CyberPlusTM was developed as a bolt-on solution to your existing homeowner’s insurance policy to address the increased cyber risks faced by policyholders. Our turn-key reinsurance solutions provide the product development, underwriting, and marketing services needed to bring new products to market quickly, seamlessly, and without the assumption of risk.

Coverage includes:

  • Cyber Crime
, Credit Card Fraud, and Forgery – Financial loss and expenses incurred due to credit fraud, forgery or cyber crime, including the use of stolen personal information to initiate a fraudulent wire transfer.
  • Cyber Extortion – 
Ransom monies and associated costs and expenses incurred due to a cyber extortion threat, including ransomware, to release or destroy personal data.
  • Cyber Bullying – Expenses incurred as a victim of cyber bullying, including the cost to seek counseling, childcare or caregiver expenses, temporary relocation, and lost wages. Coverage also included for temporary tutoring expenses, unreimbursed tuition, or increase in tuition, if the victim is a minor and cannot return to school because of cyber bullying.
  • Breach Notification Costs
  Breach notification and credit monitoring costs incurred when the personal data of others is stolen, lost or exposed while entrusted to the policyholder.
  • Cyber Protection Legal Expense & Damages Reimbursement – Legal expenses and damages incurred in lawsuits brought against the insured alleging liability for cyber bullying or privacy breaches.
  • Data Recovery and System Restoration– Data recovery expenses and system restoration costs incurred as a result of a cyber attack.
  • Identity Theft Expenses – Expenses incurred because of identity theft, including lost wages, daycare or eldercare costs and travel expenses incurred in seeking resolution and identity restoration.

Support services include: 

  • In-house claims handling
  • Marketing training and PR support
  • Online training for agents
  • Risk management tools and resources
  • Free credit monitoring


Check out our brochure for the latest specifications and coverage components.

product team

Matt Sherman

Matt Sherman

SVP, Reinsurance and Programs