Protecting Property Owners and Managers

According to the Fair Housing Alliance 2018 Annual Report, 87.4% of housing discrimination acts reported occurred during rental transactions. Even if a claim is frivolous or groundless, property owners and managers must defend themselves against the claim.
NAS’ Tenant Discrimination policy provides comprehensive legal expense and loss reimbursement coverage to protect the insured against claims brought by current, former and prospective tenants (including guests). Our form includes:

• Fair Housing Training
• Court Attendance Costs
• Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Fines and Penalties

Housing discrimination can occur against anyone and in any area of housing which is why protecting your client’s properties against a discrimination claim is so important. For more information on NAS Tenant Discrimination, contact Nicholas Rotondo, AVP-Specialty Underwriting, at
Type of Risk: Property Owner/Manager in California
This Insured has a portfolio of over 1,500 residential units and 2,000,000 commercial square feet. NAS worked closely with the broker to ensure all units/properties were considered and were able to put together a $1M limit for under $20,000 in premium.
Type of Risk: Property Owner
This Insured owns a single apartment complex with 48 units, is claims free, has written anti-discrimination procedures and is ADA compliant. This qualified them for our small risk program packet which provides lower rates for preferred risks under 150 units. The program packet is a slot rating system with bindable options based on unit count and includes all standard Tenant Discrimination coverages. We were able to provide the Insured $500k limits for $950 in premium.
A married couple with one infant son filed a complaint with a local Fair Housing Council (FHC) alleging familial status discrimination against a property manager after their rental application for a two-bedroom apartment was denied. The couple alleged that the property manager refused to rent to them after learning that the couple had a child. The FHC investigated the claim through testing; the council sent “testers” – investigators posing as married couples without children – to the location at various times over the course of one month.
The FHC testing supported the claim, and the FHC filed a lawsuit against the property manager on behalf of the couple alleging familial status discrimination. The property manager incurred $160,515 in legal expenses. 
Nick grew up in Georgia and graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Georgia. He has been in the insurance industry since 2012 focused on underwriting Architects & Engineers, Miscellaneous Professional Liability and Tenant Discrimination. In the fall of 2017, Nick joined the NAS Atlanta office with the opportunity to establish and lead the A&E product. He now has added to his product list and is the AVP, National Product Manager for A&E, MPL and Tenant Discrimination.
Questions about any of the products that Nick manages? He can be reached at
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March, 2019