Breaches Happen

With the increased use of e-commerce, web-based file storage, and the proliferation of smart phones, laptops, and tablets in businesses of all sizes, the risks associated with data security are growing quickly.

Some recent trends that you can share with your client:

• In the 2018 Breach Report from Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), they reported 1,244 data breaches impacting over 446 million records which is a 126% over 2017.

• ​​In 2018, hacking was the leading cause of data breach incidents, accounting for 39% of the overall number of breaches followed by employee negligence at 12%. (ITRC)

​• According to Symantec in 2018, large businesses targeted for attack once were more likely to be targeted again at least three more times throughout the year.  Businesses of all sizes are potentially vulnerable to targeted attacks. In 2018, targeted attacks increased 600% against IoT devices.