Discuss Data: Storage, Usage, Systems

Begin your introduction of cyber insurance by first gaining an understanding of your client’s data management risks by asking key questions like:

• Where is PII data stored?
• Is it backed up? If so, is it secured/encrypted?
• Who has access to the data?
• Do business associates have access to your systems/data? (e.g., accountants, IT service providers, etc.)
• Is protected data also making its way out of the office?
• How many employees have laptops or smart phones that can access the company’s network?
• Are you using services like Dropbox or other networked file storage apps?
• Is sensitive information being transferred on USB flash drives?


By identifying these practices, you can help point out potentially weak links in your clients data management practices.

(Be sure to also mention that NetGuard® Plus includes access to our proprietary Cyber Risk Management website that provides a plethora of valuable information on safe data practices, breach response plans, and robust security/privacy training curriculum!)