Discuss Business Interruption: What would happen if your system went down?

Next, discuss your client’s network and what systems they rely on to run their business.

• What would happen if your network went down?
• Would your business still be able to operate?
• What financial loss would an outage lasting longer than 8 hours cause your business?
• Would your business be able to operate if you were hit with Ransomware? Are you able to pay the Ransom or successfully remove it from your system?
• Do you rely upon 3rd parties to keep your business running? Have these third parties agreed to cover any costs/losses you incur if they have an outage that affects your business?
• How long would it take you to restore operations if there was any downtime?


By identifying the effects of any outage or downtime, you can help them understand the costs that may be associated if they are unable to continue their normal operations.