Present NetGuard® Plus

Once you have discussed the potential risks to your client, introduce NetGuard® Plus.

Discuss the 9 coverages focusing on those most relevant to your insured’s business.

Talk about the exposures your insured faces. Help your insured select a limit using the basic equation: # of records x $10 (costs to respond). Usually when you compare the pricing for Netguard® Plus to the potential cost of a breach, buying the coverage becomes a no-brainer.  The vast majority of insureds will not choose to self-insure this exposure once the risks have been properly explained to them.


NetGuard® Plus is available at competitive premiums with limit options of up to $25,000,000.


In addition to the policy, every insured is granted access to NAS CyberNET®. It is an on-line resource to help your clients reduce their risk of a data breach and provides guidance on responding to a breach.

With access to expert cyber risk advisors when you need them, plus 24/7 online training courses, best practices, compliance and incident response guidelines, sample policies, vendor agreement templates and more.