Present MEDEFENSE® Plus

Once you have discussed the potential risks to your client, introduce MEDEFENSE® Plus.

​Explain the various insuring agreements

Relate exposure to types of costs covered:

• Legal Fees/Associated Costs
• Shadow Audit Expenses
• Regulatory Fines and penalties
• No Coverage for Restitution

Provide a BALLPARK premium indication:
Use NAS Online to generate a quick ‘Ballpark’ indication based on the type of practice. The Ballpark indication includes a variety of coverage, limit, and retention options, as well as additional explanations of the coverage which you can review with your client.

MEDEFENSE® Plus is available at competitive premiums with limits up to $1,000,000 with a disciplinary proceeding sublimit.

MEDEFENSE® Plus may also be combined with e-MD Cyber Liability coverage.