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No One Does Cyber Like NAS.

NAS cyber liability solutions are specially designed to provide more than just insurance. While our state-of-the-art policies cover a broad range of cyber, privacy, and multimedia-related exposures, our innovative services like NAS CyberNet® and our expert cyber claims team provide excellent resources to help businesses stay ahead of ever-changing cyber risks.

Cyber Strong.

NAS benefits from being a part of the Tokio Marine Group, one of the world’s largest insurance groups, which gives us the financial strength to keep you and your clients confident and secure.


NetGuard® Plus provides state-of-the-art protection for a broad range of cyber, privacy, and multimedia-related exposures.

Our innovation is backed by:
• 100% of financial backing from Tokio Marine Kiln
• $100Mil+ in cyber premium
• 500K+ commercial cyber policyholders

NAS CYBERNET® Training and Risk Management

NAS CyberNet® gives you access to expert cyber risk advisors when you need them, plus:
• 24/7 online training courses
• Sample policies
• Vendor agreement templates and more

To learn more about NAS CyberNET®, check out our video here.


From the moment you suspect a breach our claims representatives are here to answer the call and initiate support.

Our cyber breach coaches will guide you through the claim and help you develop a quick and thorough breach response, from coordinating with legal, IT, and PR experts, to breach notification and credit monitoring.

Our expertise is backed up by:
• 2,400 annual cyber claims
• 20+ in-house expert claims team members
• 50+ expert IT, Legal, PR partners
• 24/7 breach hotline

Tech & Cyber Solutions

Tech & Cyber Team

Michael Palotay

Michael Palotay

Chief Underwriting Officer


Ari Giller

Ari Giller

AVP, Mid-West Cyber Manager


Jordan Rankell

Jordan Rankell

AVP, West Coast Cyber Manager


Tina Porcelli Levine

Tina Porcelli Levine

Senior Underwriter, Southeast Region


Peter Hedberg

Peter Hedberg

VP, Northeast Cyber & Technology E&O Manager