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Introducing the Advanced Cyber Risk Report for your clients

We are excited to introduce our latest cyber innovation, the Advanced Cyber Risk Report. In efforts to help you and your clients assess their cyber security vulnerabilities, NAS is now providing a free Advanced Cyber Risk Report with each cyber quote.

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No One Does Cyber Like NAS.

NAS cyber liability solutions are specially designed to provide more than just insurance. While our state-of-the-art policies cover a broad range of cyber, privacy, and multimedia-related exposures, our innovative services like NAS CyberNet® and our expert cyber claims team provide excellent resources to help businesses stay ahead of ever-changing cyber risks.

Cyber Strong.

NAS benefits from being a part of the Tokio Marine Group, one of the world’s largest insurance groups, which gives us the financial strength to keep you and your clients confident and secure.


NetGuard® Plus provides state-of-the-art protection for a broad range of cyber, privacy, and multimedia-related exposures.

Our innovation is backed by:
• 100% of financial backing from Tokio Marine Kiln
• $100Mil+ in cyber premium
• 500K+ commercial cyber policyholders

NAS CYBERNET® Training and Risk Management

NAS CyberNet® gives you access to expert cyber risk advisors when you need them, plus:
• 24/7 online training courses
• Sample policies
• Vendor agreement templates and more

To learn more about NAS CyberNET®, check out our video here.


From the moment you suspect a breach our claims representatives are here to answer the call and initiate support.

Our cyber breach coaches will guide you through the claim and help you develop a quick and thorough breach response, from coordinating with legal, IT, and PR experts, to breach notification and credit monitoring.

Our expertise is backed up by:
• 2,400 annual cyber claims
• 20+ in-house expert claims team members
• 50+ expert IT, Legal, PR partners
• 24/7 breach hotline

Tech & Cyber Solutions

Tech & Cyber Team

Michael Palotay

Michael Palotay

Chief Underwriting Officer


Ari Giller

Ari Giller

AVP, Mid-West Cyber Manager


Jordan Rankell

Jordan Rankell

AVP, West Coast Cyber Manager


Tina Porcelli Levine

Tina Porcelli Levine

Senior Underwriter, Southeast Region